I work with people who tell me they just can’t stop worrying. They tell me about the awful panic attacks they have, which can feel devastating. Many have been to the ER over them, only to be told there is nothing wrong! Being stuck in the panic loop stinks, but you can learn how to manage it so it doesn’t take over your life. The body doesn’t lie; when it shouts, you have to listen—but maybe in a whole new way.

What I really want most for you is that you learn how to have a new relationship with your anxiety—the kind where you are the boss! The hardest thing to get your head around is that “worry thoughts” aren’t even real thoughts. They just masquerade as such.

panic attack therapy anxiety

The dread of having a panic attack is a well worn, deeply embedded habit. It is seated in your brain’s amygdala, and forms a superhighway to panic as the go-to emotion that you no longer even question.

Learning to question anxiety is a significant goal in treatment.

This takes dedication and commitment on your part because it is hard to go through the fear! But if you suffer with this, please know that you can tame it. It is challenging, but you can’t strengthen muscle without adding greater weight, just as anxiety cannot be managed without challenging it to build your emotional resilience.



Let’s untangle those anxious thoughts together.