When it comes to mental health, plagiarism is encouraged!

mental health

When I encourage plagiarism, what I mean is that it is perfectly acceptable to take ideas from what others share about their mental health and safely try them out if you feel they will help you. Otherwise, why blog?

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How do I stop an OCD anxiety attack?

ocd anxiety attack

First off, stopping the panic and anxiety that results from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is no easy task, and all of the self-help books, gurus, and mental health experts out there worth a darn will acknowledge this fact. And there is no one right way to accomplish this, but there are some generally tried and true methods to self-calm in the moment.

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How do I stop worrying about what others think?

social anxiety disorder

First I would ask “Which other people?” Are they strangers, acquaintances, work colleagues, friends, close friends, or family?

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What is it like to have social anxiety disorder?

social anxiety

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is being hypersensitive to either real or imagined criticism. What underlies this feeling is an exquisite sensitivity to the feeling of embarrassment.

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What is more exhausting than feeling your emotions?

feeling emotions

What is more exhausting than feeling your emotions? Anxiety, anxious feelings, and dread are all triggered through the brain’s response to sensations, thoughts, and memories, or some combination thereof. You hear the pot crashing in the kitchen and snap to until your cortex decides about a half a second later that it was just that and not a gunshot or someone being seriously wounded.

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Merry Listmas!

i love lists

Did you know that if you have anxiety in almost any form, list making is your friend?

Anxiety in its purist form is about loss of control. It is that feeling that you cannot control the outcome you so desperately wish to do. And what better way to harness a little of the feeling of being in control than making a to-do list?

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Who among you gets tired of expectations?

While reading an interesting article about the differences in shamanic treatments for mental illness that are radically different from the Westernized way, my senses were heightened about the level of expectations in this culture. It is exhausting.

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Why is kaizen a helpful path to change?


Earlier I my life I lived and worked in Japan. I taught English to a group of young men at one of Honda’s subsidiaries, Keihin Seiki, where they produced Honda’s carburetors. It was from these young factory workers that I gained an understanding of how change is slowly and incrementally effected from the bottom up in Japan, a concept called kaizen. By the time a policy or idea gets to the board room, it is at a place of acceptance among the workers, and the decision that is made in the board room is but a formality. This takes time. It is also one of the key reasons Japanese made cars have such a strong reputation for reliability.

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How do you tolerate the mismatch?

mismatched socks

How do you tolerate the mismatch of differing communication styles? That feeling that the person in front of you has no idea what you are taking about? Well that’s the $64K question, now isn’t it? In trying to answer this question for myself, I find it helps to remember that there are many different ways that people respond to others.

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Why don’t we just ask?

why dont we ask

I was reading an excerpt from an interview given by Dr. Atul Gawande on his book Being Mortal: What Matters in the End, and he commented that:

“People have priorities in their lives besides just living longer and they matter a great deal. The most reliable way to learn what those priorities are is to ask and we don’t ask. The result is that when you don’t ask, the care and treatment that people get is often increasingly out of alignment with their priorities and what really matters most to them.”

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