What Is the One Thing Couples Don’t Know When They are Fighting?


In order to answer this question about the one thing couples do not realize when they are fighting, a little background is helpful. Science from all sorts of fields tell us that loneliness raises our blood pressure and can increase the risk of heart disease, even stroke, by double.

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What Every Body Says

what every body says

I just finished an interesting book about reading body language written by Joe Navarro, an ex-FBI agent:

What Every Body Is Saying, 2008, Harper by Joe Navarro and Marvin Karlins, PhD

What interested me the most was the author’s scientific comparisons and parallels to the limbic system as the primary generator of physical behaviors by our bodies that are largely unconscious.

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Codependency: What might we extract from the best of the self help onslaught?


If the term codependency sits among the self help genre continually baiting us to believe we all have some form of it, perhaps there are at least a few takeaways we can put to use.

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Codependency: Has it been bastardized by pop psychology?


Codependency originated around the early 80’s to help families with alcohol and drug problems. It stemmed from the idea that the whole family system needs to be addressed to achieve recovery, and that certain family members may be hindering the process by enabling the substance abuser. The word and the concept are still wildly popular today, and hundreds of self help books exist to serve you.

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What do you need?

what do you need

How do you go about getting what you want and need from a relationship?

By stating what you need, not what you think the other person must change or do.

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Newlyweds create your moonshot!


When you first get married, the transition can sometimes be a little rough, but you can begin to smooth it out by creating your own style of marriage, one that has its own identity and meaning.

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How do you vaccinate a relationship?


Did you know that half of all divorces occur in the first 7 years of marriage? So what might a couple do to stave off this statistic? How about taking the public health approach and vaccinating your relationship with premarital counseling?

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What’s wrong with “active listening?”

listening seal

If you are trying to actively listen, that is okay. But to really hear someone, you must be truly curious about what they have to say.

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Is it possible to overstate the importance of connection?

couples counseling

I don’t think so, and neither did another fairly astute individual.

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