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Email me at:  Call 910-777-7243   Or, fill out the form below.

Life will always be filled with challenges. And I simply see no point in struggling alone with them. A little self reflection can go a long way, and considerably shorten the time you spend struggling.

What always matters most is finding the therapeutic relationship that best fits you.

We can begin to figure that out in one free 20 minute phone call.  If I don’t answer, please leave a message. I will return your call within 48 business hours.

Fees and Insurance

Your first appointment is $150.00, and lasts about 75 minutes. Follow up sessions are $100/per 50 minutes.

I accept Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicare, and Tricare. Payment is cash or most major credit cards. You will be asked to leave a card on file that will also be charged for either no-shows or late cancellations. You may submit out-of-network claims directly to your carrier for potential reimbursement. I will provide a statement once a month for this purpose if requested.

It is your responsibility to know your copay and what your individual policy covers. Coverage varies even within the same company or provider, and I cannot guarantee that your insurer will provide coverage. Call your insurance provider and verify your coverage.

Here’s how to ask your insurance provider what your visit will cost: “Please tell me what my copay will be for an outpatient mental health visit.” Find out if you have a deductible to meet. Ask them whether or not I am in network when you call. When you ask them to check, say to look for Jerry Rutledge, because that is how insurance companies have me listed (Jerry is my first name). That will help them give you a more accurate answer.

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