Getting Started with Online Counseling

New clients, please call for your FREE 20-minute strategy session.

Before you start your first video counseling session, take some time to read through these instructions and tips.

Equipment You Need

Choose one:

Desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Download the “Telehealth by SimplePractice” app if you choose your tablet or smartphone.

online counseling

How to Join Your Session

Connecting with a Laptop or Desktop

Ten minutes before your session, watch for your emailed appointment reminder.

Click the link in the reminder. This takes you to your session. Click “Place test sound” to check your settings. Then, click “Join Video Call.”

I will meet you online in the video call for your private session. If I’m not there when you sign in, wait and I will join the session shortly. I may be finishing up with another client.

Connecting with a Smartphone

Easy instructions for connecting with an iOS or Android smartphone:

  1. Download the free Telehealth by Simple Practice app from the app store (not the one labeled “Simple Practice”).
  2. New clients will have completed their account set up previously, and will just need to join the session via their email link, sent ten minutes ahead of the appointment. Clicking that link takes you directly to your Telehealth phone app to start the session.

This is what the app looks like. These are two SEPARATE apps. You only need the one with the little camera icon:

Telehealth Resources

For more information you can read or download the complete Telehealth manual:

Getting Started with Teleheath: guide for clients

For a comprehensive guide to the Telehealth client portal, read or download the booklet:

Complete Guide to the Client Portal