Job Stress

Stressful Workplaces

job stress

Ever had a coworker look at you like that in a meeting?

If they hold a position of authority over you, it feels threatening. If they are a peer, it can feel condescending and frustrating. That sense of “They are in and I am out” can really pull the plug on your motivation.

And certainly, it doesn’t contribute to a collaborative workplace.

job stress

And when this happens, you feel like you’re being talked down to. As if the person thinks you don’t get it, or worse, are stupid. Again—this is a no-go for feeling like you are a valuable and viable part of the teamwork so often stressed in today’s job market.

But how do you address job stress? Effectively? Without sounding like a crybaby? Or feeling pathetic—almost ‘dis-membered’ as part of the group?

It definitely sends you to job search mode.

Job Stress Can Torpedo Productivity

job stress

Here are the ways leaders and co-workers torpedo productivity and create job stress:

  • Withholding information unnecessarily—secrecy
  • The lack of courage to ask for what is needed to succeed
  • Not providing data or their piece of a project in a timely manner
  • Lack of transparency—hearing one thing to your face, and another through the office grapevine
  • Cutting people off and quashing ideas before they are fully expressed–especially from talented introverts

“Poor leaders promote an us and them, kill or be killed, eat or be eaten warrior mentality that pits people against each other, vs. working collaboratively for the best outcomes possible.”—Page Rutledge, MPH, MSW, LCSW, CHt

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