What is the point of a vacation?

The easy answer is to get away from work and your daily routine. Perhaps it is to relax and unwind from daily stresses that accumulate over time, so much so that we are not even aware of the pile-up. But I think that taking time away from your daily routine makes you a better person for others. It creates the ability to be more ‘there’, more present, for others when you tend to your own spiritual garden. In other words, vacations matter.

vacations are important


Vacations Are Important

People who take vacations have lower stress, lower risk of heart disease, and more motivation to achieve goals. The word renewal comes to mind. And the promise of a future vacation or holiday is a proven morale booster. We also crave routine, until we are ready to break it, that is. Giving people an opportunity to do something different and stimulating will make them better employees. And you should create an office culture that encourages these periodic breaks unless you happen to like burned out employees. Good luck with that.

My friends, family and clients know that every December we travel. Last year we visited Barcelona for an extended trip, and this year we plan on staying in Madrid. (Ya think we like Spain?)

Taking the break really makes a difference for my mindset entering each new year. I learn so much from sitting in and absorbing a different culture from my own. I’m still very much a tourist, but my husband and I engage in what I call “lazy travel.” We stay in one place for the entire time, renting a flat, and we take day trips out to wherever the fancy strikes us, and that aren’t too much of  thrash. Stress avoidance is at the top of the game plan 😉

Travel Is Among The Best Mind Openers

I understand not everyone can vacation in Europe, but a vacation does not have to be taken across the big pond to be special or renewing. What is important is that you are able to adopt a different pace, perhaps in a new setting, and to have to choices daily to do what pleases you without having to follow a certain schedule. Good food and good sleep don’t hurt a bit either!

One Last Tip!

I have one last tip for great vacations. Make them last longer by both pleasurable anticipation and afterwards, savoring them. The anticipation piece is done by pondering of time ahead what sights or activities you might like to take in. The savoring comes from postcards you can send yourself from your destination and the photos or treasures you may bring home. Those treasures can range from inexpensive indigenous souvenirs, to art, to simply your wonderful photographs–pick one you love and frame it! Below you will see a collage of a few of my favorite pics in Barcelona. The intro photo was taken from the top of Montjuic Castle in Barcelona.

Make your special vacations last longer by both pleasurable anticipation, and afterwards, savoring them.–Page Rutledge, LCSW

Vacation in Barcelona

My office will be temporarily closed this year from December 17, and will reopen Monday January 14, 2019. I look forward to greeting my current clients and the new ones that will come, resolved to work on whatever is holding them back from living the life of their dreams.

My greatest wish for each of you is that you ring in 2019 with a sense of self-compassion and a renewed motivation to accomplish your dreams. I will be here, fully present and restored, to help you achieve this goal. Email me to get on my 2019 schedule.