More and more I realize that there is nothing new under the sun, but how it is said is what makes it new. How you hear it makes it new, and when you hear it makes it new. Whether or not your antenna is up makes it new… or not.

Often that reception is problematic.

What is ‘it’ you say?

whats newThe ‘it’ mentioned above is information or stories concerned with human nature, advice, theories on how to improve your life, make better choices and/or to become what you wish, not necessarily inventions or discoveries in science and technology, although you can bet all of those discoveries are built on the backs of things which are not new.

I was recently listening to a talk by author-philosopher Tom Morris and he spoke often of The Oasis Within, his new book, which centers on finding and keeping that calm, joyful place each of us has the capacity to cultivate. I was watching the audience receive this message in varying ways, and simultaneously realizing this is the same message I deliver constantly to clients in different ways. But it is only when they are ready to hear it and shift within themselves that they fully understand the idea of choosing joy.

In other words, it is always personal.

While we may be 98.5% the same as our smaller chimpanzee cousins genetically speaking, no one can replace you. The “you-niqueness” is real; the stamp of your crazy, individual make up is spectacularly different. The message and meaning you bring to others in your life matters.

You matter.

So the answer to the question, “What’s new?” is “Nothing.”

But you can say the old messages that matter in so many ways starting with “I love you, and you are important to me in my life.” Give that message to someone, in any form you choose, and watch them light up.

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