Tame Anxiety

Find Your Peace

Anxiety is a Paradox

It frequently leads you to behaviors that block you from reaching the goal you most want. Therapy-land actually has a term for this, “avoidance behaviors.” And it is likely you do them all the time, but without conscious awareness of it. Add to that, constantly feeling anxious is not just unpleasant. It can be debilitating.

From panic attacks to social anxiety, stress causes physical changes in your body, carving deeply rutted neural pathways in your brain that lead you to panic in less than 1/22 of a second. These reactions happen so quickly you are no longer aware of the thoughts that lead you there. People tell me they can’t control it, that they will awaken with a feeling of unexplainable dread, or that their panic just comes out of nowhere. I want you to know you can learn to manage it!

Living with anxiety is no way to live.

Anxiety comes in an alphabet soup of unwelcome flavors: Panic, PTSD, Social Anxiety, OCD, General Anxiety, and many specific phobias such as fear of elevators, heights, or vomiting. But you know what? The hardest thing to get your head around is that “worry thoughts” are not even real thoughts—they are just masquerading as such. Through individualized anxiety therapy, I am here and ready to help you untangle those thoughts, and find your peace.