Tame Anxiety

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Anxiety is a Paradox

Because of it, you make choices that keep your life small and shut down your options.

Anxiety is that little hamster wheel in your head that keeps your thoughts running at full throttle. When worry works to get you to problem solve, that’s a good thing, but when it becomes the overwhelming noise in your head, it has nothing to offer you except a load of fear-laden “What ifs…”

Anxiety comes in an alphabet soup of unwelcome flavors: generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic, OCD, trauma (PTSD) and phobias, which are persistent, irrational fears such as fear of germs, crowed spaces, various creatures or substances, heights, and weather. The toughest part to get your head around is these “worry thoughts” are not even real thoughts—they are just masquerading as such. If you’d like some help from someone with a good bit of life experience as well as in-depth training, we might be a good match.

The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.  – William James

By focusing on a variety of techniques, including CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and mindfulness training skills, I help people manage their anxiety. If you are here now, chances are good you want more info about anxiety therapy. That’s why I hope you will explore the rest of my website and take advantage of my free 20 minute phone consultation today to see if working with me is the right fit.