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Reach out to me. I will answer insurance and cost questions, and we will get a chance to strategize how to move you forward. If I don’t answer, please leave a message, as I’m often in session. Also, you can send the form below including a couple of good times I can reach you by phone. I will typically return your call within 48 business hours, and I see clients Tuesday-Thursday. Don’t forget to include your best phone number!

Cost/Insurance Accepted

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield (I am unable to accept Blue Value)
  • Initial appointment   $195
  • Subsequent sessions $170
  • Couples sessions        $185

Accepted payment is cash or most major credit cards at the start of the appointment. Please note that insurance companies do not cover couples counseling, as they do not consider it medically necessary.

Health insurance companies limit treatment to conditions considered a “medical necessity.” Health insurance is a business designed to pay for necessary services, only. For example, they will pay for a deviated septum, but not a rhinoplasty (nose job).” They consider the first a medical necessity; the latter is not. Does Insurance Cover Couples Therapy? It will depend upon whether they pay for Z codes or not. A troubled marriage is a problem, but most insurance companies don’t consider it their problem. A troubled marriage is not a “mental illness,” therefore it is not considered “medically necessary.”

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If you leave contact information on this form, I will not share it. Once a client is under my care, their personal health information is kept private, in accordance with HIPAA standards. Page Rutledge is the privacy officer for this site.

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