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Anxiety Is A Paradox

Anxiety therapy helps because anxiety itself is a paradox. That simply means it will get you to avoid meeting your goals, in order to get rid of the worry you feel. Ironically, worrying feels like you are doing something productive, but the real secret is you are not! Most of the time worry is a learned habit. When it works to actually get you to problem solve–that’s productive. Other times, not so much.

Maybe you’re feeling exhausted from letting worry run your life. You realize that you often feel panicked inside over your relationship (here’s a juicy post for you), social situations, or your performance at work, but the feeling just grips you and won’t let go. Therapy can help you stop feeling this way.

If you’ve never had therapy before, here’s a helpful guide to learn about it.

  • Do you hide it like a champ?
  • Do others think you have it totally together?
  • Do you spend a lot of time trying to make other people in your life happy?
  • Does it feel like you’re in an instant replay loop? Re-hashing what he/she said or you did?
  • Do you spend a lot of time predicting anywhere from poor to catastrophic outcomes for yourself?

It is exhausting and self defeating to keep going this way.

Are you tired of letting your anxiety and worry dictate your choices ? Enough to make a change? 

I bet you are. Or you wouldn’t be here. And–bonus! Change will happen faster if you get some help.

If you need a guide to help get unstuck, then click that blue button below right now and make an appointment. You can be seen in person or online (or a combo!) It’s easy, and I’ll shepherd you through the process.