Tame Anxiety

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Anxiety Is A Paradox

This paradox means anxiety will get you to avoid choices that feel uncomfortable, but that would actually serve you well. It’s the nature of the worry-beast, and you better believe that beast knows you intimately. You think your choices are working to keep you safe and calm. That’s exactly why you keep making them. But in reality, those same well-worn negative patterns just keep you stuck.

Anxiety is that worry loop that keeps your negative thoughts running at full throttle. When worry works to get you to problem solve, that’s a good thing. But when it becomes the overwhelming noise in your head, it has nothing to offer you except a load of fear-based “What ifs…” Wouldn’t you like to tame that inner bully?

Anxiety comes in an alphabet soup of unwelcome flavors: Generalized anxiety, social anxiety, panic, OCD, trauma (PTSD) and phobias which are persistent, irrational thoughts that crowd out your REAL ability to reason. If you’re here, maybe it’s time to act. Schedule a consult now—let’s see if we’re a good fit.

In these trying times, social distancing should not lead to social isolation, especially for those of you with already high anxiety. I’m offering online real-time video sessions to support you through this pandemic. All you need is a smart phone or computer, and a reliable internet connection. You can schedule them online, just like your regular appointments. Hit the blue button below to get started.

My arsenal for anxiety therapy includes CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and the knowledge base of many other therapy types, plus a battery of coping skills to shore you up. You can learn how to manage your anxiety. What I know for sure is that talking through your challenges works. Saying what hurts, out loud, to a compassionate listener, is effective. Why not give it a try?

Go ahead and schedule your free 20 minute strategy session now. Let’s tackle those worries together.