Couples & Individuals

Get Unstuck

Whether you need couples counseling or one-on-one for anxiety, make your time and money count. I see couples in conflict, and individuals who struggle with overwhelming anxiety. I also see neurodiverse couples.

Culturally, we are taught to be critical—to scan our environment for flaws and errors, to assign blame. We look at our partners and think “If you would just stop (pick your behavior), then we would be so much better together!”

Couples in crisis often come to therapy with this mindset: “My partner is doing “X” and they need to change.” There will always be at least a grain of truth to both partner’s point of view, but will staying stuck in this mindset serve the relationship you want, or the one you have?

We have many kinds of relationships—lovers, partners, friends, siblings, parents, children, business, step-family, in-laws. We also have many different needs to fulfill. Managing the anxiety that our different relationships hold is tough. I can help with that, as well as the challenges faced by neurodiverse couples.

If you need an unbiased guide to help get unstuck, call for a free consult, or fill out this link. It’s easy, and I’ll shepherd you through the process. Call me if you have questions. I’d love to chat.