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Anxiety Is A Paradox

Anxiety is a paradox. It can leave you with a combined sense of panic and overwhelm that keeps you stuck, and keeps you from getting stuff done. But in reality, it is a wonderful emotion (I know it doesn’t feel that way at times!) that helps you to look ahead, organize yourself, and marshal your energy to accomplish your goals. But how much is too much?

And how do you separate panic and anxiety? How do you keep anxiety from pulling you into shame? And why would having a wider emotional vocabulary help you to keep (sometimes necessary) fear and panic standing at an appropriate distance from your emotional universe?

The answer is simple, really. If the emotion appears too frequently, and is constantly at a higher level that feels out of balance, that’s too much. Too much is not healthy for your body, and you need to attend to it via therapy, appropriate medication (if necessary), or perhaps a change in your lifestyle.

Know that anxiety is clever, as are ALL of your emotions. I bet no one has ever told you that there is no such thing as “good” or “bad” emotions. Emotions serve a vital purpose in helping us to navigate our relationships and our lives. You are not sick, broken, or “disordered” when strong emotions rise. Your emotions are brilliant, and they are there to tell you “Hey—something’s up! Let’s figure this out!” Understanding them better will keep them from managing YOU!

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My arsenal for anxiety therapy includes CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and the knowledge base of many other therapy types, plus a group of grounding skills to pull you into the present moment. You can learn how to manage your anxiety. Why not give it a try? Here’s the button…