What is global thinking?

global thinking

We are not talking about the the whole “think globally, act locally” movement here. This is about the utter confusion and inability to sort out your thoughts when anxiety strikes. People who are prone to panic or anxiety attacks often tend to think globally. They have a hard time sifting through information and deciding what is relevant when they are in pain. It is as if they are being bombarded by conflicting emotions, most often led by fear of the future and what it holds for them.

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Not a Straight Line

straight line

Gift apps may offer a simple, one click approach to accomplishing a task, but I’ve always thought that pre-selected gift baskets or boxes tended to have items that you like and will use, along with those that get tossed or just sit on a shelf for months because they’re “too good to throw away.”

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There’s an app for that!

therapy app

Don’t you hate it when someone tells you to “Just relax!”? For me it is the same fleeting annoyance as when someone orders me to smile.

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When it comes to mental health, plagiarism is encouraged!

mental health

When I encourage plagiarism, what I mean is that it is perfectly acceptable to take ideas from what others share about their mental health and safely try them out if you feel they will help you. Otherwise, why blog?

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How do I stop an OCD anxiety attack?

ocd anxiety attack

First off, stopping the panic and anxiety that results from obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) is no easy task, and all of the self-help books, gurus, and mental health experts out there worth a darn will acknowledge this fact. And there is no one right way to accomplish this, but there are some generally tried and true methods to self-calm in the moment.

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How do I stop worrying about what others think?

social anxiety disorder

First I would ask “Which other people?” Are they strangers, acquaintances, work colleagues, friends, close friends, or family?

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What is it like to have social anxiety disorder?

social anxiety

Social anxiety disorder (SAD) is being hypersensitive to either real or imagined criticism. What underlies this feeling is an exquisite sensitivity to the feeling of embarrassment.

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What is more exhausting than feeling your emotions?

feeling emotions

What is more exhausting than feeling your emotions? Anxiety, anxious feelings, and dread are all triggered through the brain’s response to sensations, thoughts, and memories, or some combination thereof. You hear the pot crashing in the kitchen and snap to until your cortex decides about a half a second later that it was just that and not a gunshot or someone being seriously wounded.

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Merry Listmas!

i love lists

Did you know that if you have anxiety in almost any form, list making is your friend?

Anxiety in its purist form is about loss of control. It is that feeling that you cannot control the outcome you so desperately wish to do. And what better way to harness a little of the feeling of being in control than making a to-do list?

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Who among you gets tired of expectations?

While reading an interesting article about the differences in shamanic treatments for mental illness that are radically different from the Westernized way, my senses were heightened about the level of expectations in this culture. It is exhausting.

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