Recently I went to Boston to visit my adult children, and had a wonderful time with them. But traveling, schlepping, and getting around in the big city takes its toll. It is not as easy to navigate as life in little, lovely Wilmington!

saturday mornings

Travel reminds me to appreciate all of the abundance I have in my life, and while I love to travel, I love to come home even more.

A couple of things to note about that.

Data show that any upcoming experience can be more fully enjoyed by planning it, which allows you the delicious opportunity to joyfully anticipate the event. This, BTW, is the flip side of how those of you with anxiety issues “What if?” yourselves to pieces with anxious anticipation of what the future might hold.

Secondly, coming home provides both the opportunity to let your hair down in your own space and in your own time frame—a treasure to be appreciated and enjoyed after doing so on others’ schedules and in others’ environments for a while. Again, for those of you with anxiety concerns, this is about control. You guys cannot control everything, but you sure give it your best effort!

Learning how to let go, even a tad, brings you a sense of freedom you never though possible. Want to learn how? I’m here to help.



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