According to Barry Schwartz in his excellent book The Paradox of Choice, you become a satisficer. You make choices that are  “good enough.”


You likely already do this by having favorite brands of shampoo or salad dressing. Perhaps you choose the same item on the menu at certain restaurants, knowing you will not be disappointed. Or maybe you quiz your buddies on Facebook about the best phone plan, or where to eat sushi in San Francisco.

Taking this approach avoids two things 1) second guessing yourself on fairly simple decisions, and 2) the regret of hindsight–thinking another choice you bypassed would have been better, thereby creating a sense of dissatisfaction with your current choice.

Our commercial world is filled with too many choices. So ask for advice, and then take it.

Free up those brain cells and your emotional energy for the bigger decisions in life. It is simply a more relaxing way to be in the world than stressing over the small stuff.

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