When you first get married, the transition can sometimes be a little rough, but you can begin to smooth it out by creating your own style of marriage, one that has its own identity and meaning.


One way to do this is to create your own rituals, such as a weekend morning coffee date with your love at your favorite local buzz shop. Or maybe you are outdoorsy and this ritual could be a hike on local trails for an hour or two, or perhaps it is a stroll on the local beach at sunset capped off by cocktail at the tiki bar.

Whatever your choice, this becomes a mostly set thing you look forward to doing on a weekly basis that is pressure free.

Another long term goal to aim for is your own moonshot of a fantastic trip or goal you both want but know you cannot afford just yet. Make it a five year goal.

Around that goal, create a fun way to save for it, and from time to time collect ideas in a scrap book or perhaps make a Pinterest board that allows you to anticipate the adventure. Whether it is a trip to Europe, saving for a camper van, or hiking the Himalayas, anticipation and then afterwards savoring of your adventure through blogging, pictures, song, poetry or art will cement it into the tapestry of your marriage, and create the zest to plan for your next moonshot.

Happy Valentines Day!

10, 9, 8, 7…….

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