Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. When we get overwhelmed it is typically due to the feeling that too much is going on, but it can also be eustress, stress caused by good things happening.

When many positive, important things are going on, that can also be stress producing. Wedding planning comes to mind. Promotions that cause the need to relocate. And from there the spiral of a new community, a new home, new friends, and new schools for the kids. All caused by a positive event, but very stress inducing nonetheless.

 body telling you

Attempting to control or manage events is what we do to try to contain the stress, but this often makes it worse. Sometimes letting go a bit and simply allowing things to occur as they will can be really freeing. You just stop trying so hard to get it all right. If you want to imagine this before you actually do it, think about an isolated decision as it might occur with two vastly different scenarios, and gauge your emotional barometer regarding the outcome. How does it make you feel? Lighter? Happier? Relaxed? Scared? Lost? Isolated? You can try rating your feelings on a 1-10 scale (with 1 low anxiety and 10 very high anxiety) and comparing them to the outcome in different scenarios.

And if the answers you seek are still unclear, then just wait. Let go of having to decide right now. See how things feel in a few days. Moods can be mercurial, and may deeply affect your decision making process. And don’t make decisions on an empty stomach or when you are tired.

Think of your body as a barometer and pay attention to what it is telling you.

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