I bet you wish you could say that and mean it. I say it many times a day, because that is where I work to place my focus.

go my way

I was walking for the first time to a nearby neighborhood coffee shop with my husband this weekend (we just moved this week!) and he commented “I wish they would put a sidewalk on this road.” I replied “Well, I hope they paint a crosswalk on the road we have to traverse to get to the coffee shop.”

The particular street we must cross to get there has a high volume of fast traffic shooting back and forth constantly. So as we approach, I see they already have painted a crosswalk, and say to him “Things just always seem to go my way,” and he laughed saying how come you always get your wish?

It rained the week we moved, nearly every day. Yuk you say. But guess what? The day of the move, although it was still raining off and on, the real deluge did not hit until one minute after the last box was brought inside our new home. Things just always seem to go my way.

I went to a local big box store to get some new towels for the bathrooms. Came home with them and realized they were both the wrong color and the wrong size. Took them back the next day and found a sale had started on the ones I actually needed. One of those sales my funny gal pals call “an out of body experience.” Things just always seem to go my way.

So many things interest me. One day I was cruising the web and got caught up in looking at Maine Coon cats, a beautiful and fascinating breed. Just fun trivia for me, as we cannot have them at home due to our allergies, nevertheless, I think they are grand beasts. So then I happen to make a new acquaintance that has one! How fun to talk about them and get to share in her knowledge of these beautiful, big animals (they easily get to 30 lbs). Things just always seem to go my way!

Can you see that none of these examples are particularly huge or important, but that they are just a way of looking at things? I could have complained about the traffic we had to endure, grumbled about the rain, been totally aggravated I had to return to the store, or bemoaned the fact that I cannot get one of these cats, but my choice in where to place my attention makes my day better, and is a focus on gratitude.

I’m certainly not always able to do this, but when I can, you guessed it… things just always seem to go my way!

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