When I encourage plagiarism, what I mean is that it is perfectly acceptable to take ideas from what others share about their mental health and safely try them out if you feel they will help you. Otherwise, why blog?

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It is helpful to hear of others’ experiences when you are going through your own, which is why I am linking you today to an excellent column about exactly what it feels like to suffer a panic attack.

Not everyone experiences panic the same way, but the writer’s account contains all of the hallmarks of this disorder. It helps to know that others undergo similar feelings whether they are physical, mental, or both. Why is this?

It is a little trite to say that misery loves company, and I would never wish to trivialize an individual’s experience. What I find helpful about reading or listening to other’s solutions, and I do it all of the time, is to check for similarities (or unusual differences) and for what has worked.

  • What did they find effective?
  • Was there a cost attached? Costs can be both monetary and emotional.
  • Would their method work for me, even if I needed to modify it to suit my circumstances?

When I am searching, I focus on what worked, not what didn’t. This is because it is too easy to get sucked into negativity in your quest for help. Borrowing is a good thing in this context, and asking for help when you need it is also important. Sometimes it takes real courage to admit you cannot reach your goal alone whether that is running a marathon or defeating mental illness.

I liked this post a lot for all of the reasons stated, and encourage you to read how this individual feels during her panic attacks. There is nothing like a first person account to bring it home. And I also love her bravery in dealing with is issue.

Here is the link about coping with anxiety attacks, in HuffPost.

My warmest support (see group hug above!) goes out to each of you that struggle with anxiety in its many forms. And you are encouraged to “plagiarize” ideas that seem useful to you.



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