am i normal

I don’t know. No tin foil hat? You don’t live in LA? You wear matching socks? Most of the time? Maybe you can define normal. It’s really tough, but I’ll give it a try.

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get rid of habit

Short answer: you can’t.

But don’t give up yet!

If you read last week’s post, you know this is Part II of “Why do we have habits?” If not, you can access it here. Having the back story helps in this case.

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why habits

Why do we have habits?

Are they necessarily bad?

So what if you had to get up every day and consciously note the steps it takes to get ready for work? Your steps may be different from these, but humor me for a moment.

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choosing therapist

What is the key to choosing the right therapist for yourself?

You know, therapy is not for everyone.

Sometimes a walk with a trusted confidant, or dinner with our friends is just what we need. But if you have an ongoing issue that you have struggled with and it is affecting your daily life, your relationships, or your ability to work, therapy or counseling can be the best investment you will ever make in yourself.

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toilet flush

When you find yourself swirling down the toilet of negativity, catastrophizing the possible, future, maybe, might, what if, not-yet-taken-place event that is lodged in your prefrontal cortex, try this.

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guilty or selfish

I am finding that people are slightly confused between the terms guilty and selfish. They will say “I feel so bad [guilty] for even being here and talking about my own needs,” when they have constant anxiety humming in the background. And they will compare their needs to something such as a friend suffering from cancer as if their feelings do not matter, even though the situations are different, and they obviously had no part in causing the others heartache.

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body telling you

Life is a balance of holding on and letting go. When we get overwhelmed it is typically due to the feeling that too much is going on, but it can also be eustress, stress caused by good things happening.

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ugly duckling

Reframing is a very popular idea that is used in everything from fairytales to commercials. Recall that the ugly duckling realized in the end that he was actually quite a beautiful swan.

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therapy is odd duck

Most people who seek counseling or some form of therapy do so as a last resort. Whatever is bothering them has not been solvable, or has reached the point it is significantly interfering with their life in one or more ways.

Tangled is a word that comes to mind.

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social anxiety disorder

Since I’m feeling self doubt….

I thought I’d explore it again since it crops up from time to time for everyone.

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