I don’t know. No tin foil hat? You don’t live in LA? You wear matching socks? Most of the time? Maybe you can define normal. It’s really tough, but I’ll give it a try.

You are normal if you sometimes think:

“I was better off before I had kids. I wish I never had them.” You’re normal.

am i normal“I hate my spouse.” You’re normal.

“I sometimes yell my kids.” You’re normal.

“I kind of like it when my spouse is gone.” You’re normal.

And if you (occasionally) think these thoughts:

“What is the point of waking up this morning?” Normal.

“I have nothing interesting to say. I’m really kind of dull to be around.” Normal.

“I feel the pressure to entertain everyone when I’m in a crowd. It’s what I do.” Normal.

“I really am not the expert at this. I feel like I’m faking it some good portion of the time.” Normal. I hear young attorneys feel this way quite often.

The serious answer to the question in the title is that if you experience any mental health issue that severely impacts how you function inter-personally, get some help. If you can’t function as you wish at  work, at home, or in your regular social settings, first consider getting a physical. Rule out anything that might be going on there.

Then get some help from a trusted friend, a licensed professional, or your clergy. If it is related to sexual abuse or assault, and you cannot afford private services, your local Rape Crisis Center provides free counseling. And the Carousel Center in Wilmington has magnificent staff that may help you and your child with issues of sexual trauma.  For additional online education and resources, check out RAINN or the National Children’s Alliance.

It is important that you know you do not have to go it alone.

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