According to Barry Schwartz in his excellent book The Paradox of Choice, you become a satisficer. You make choices that are  “good enough.”

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managing intense emotions

In my last post, I introduced the idea of making a small change in a behavior pattern in order to achieve a new, more positive outcome.

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And what about the niggling sense you may have at times when in relationships that something is amiss? Do you trust your gut? Or do you wait for evidence?

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listening seal

If you are trying to actively listen, that is okay. But to really hear someone, you must be truly curious about what they have to say.

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pink rabbit

I have: in Vienna, Austria, one of my favorite cities to visit.

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couples counseling

I don’t think so, and neither did another fairly astute individual.

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human connection

Quite simply put, without it we die, right down to the molecular level. For example, here is what happens in the brain of a person with Alzheimer’s disease, quoted from the book Still Alice by Lisa Genova: Read more

being in flow

And what is flow anyway?

Creativity. Submersion. Involvement—so deep that you lose yourself to it with joy.  Read more

If you are trying to identify the cue for a habit you have, such as biting your nails or buying a candy bar at 3pm daily at work, and you cannot figure out what triggers it, consider trying some experiments that fall into these categories: Read more


Did you know there is a special part of the brain that is called the fusiform face area that is used to analyze faces? Read more